Depotchem offers a broad range of products that promote effective and responsible water use, treatment and disposal. All of these solutions aim to encourage the protection and restoration of our natural water resources and promote sustainability.

Wastewater is water that has been used for washing, flushing or in a manufacturing process and therefore contains waste components that are to be removed. Wastewater sources include Municipal, Industrial and Agricultural wastewater

Wastewater may contain various contaminants such as suspended solids, dissolved salts, organic materials, metals and other pollutants.

Wastewater streams may be treated for reclamation, reuse or removal. However, every wastewater stream is to be treated differently depending on the quality of the waste source and waste products in relation to the planned usage of the treated wastewater.

One-Stop-Shop for all wastewater needs
The water treatment industry includes purification, desalination or sanitation of water to drinking water or for usage of various facility systems as well as agriculture and other industrial usages.

Deoptchem offers a wide variety of products and solutions that facilitate cleaning, acidity balancing, alkalinity stabilizing, sanitation and other aids for the desalination and purification processes in a cost effective, safe, reliable and sustainable way.

In addition, Deoptchem professionals expertise in addressing client’s specific needs and can ultimately provide an effective, tailor-made solution.

Coagulation & Flocculation

Coagulation and flocculation are basic steps in the treatment of wastewater. Coagulation Treatment and sludge removal downstream to bio treatment processes for phosphorous levels reduction allows greater water recycling by making the wastewater clear and suitable for re-use.Flocculation will enable to treat floating material in the treated wastewater, by capturing the material as enlarged particles which enables more efficient downstream physical separation for the wastewater stream.

Deoptchem offers a full range of coagulation and flocculation aids and excellent technical field support to tailor individual solutions for every wastewater application.

Contaminants Purification

Ion Exchanging, Zeolite, Anthracite and other products may be used in water and wastewater treatment plants to swap one ion for another for the purpose of demineralization, removal of metals, ammonia, organic and toxic materials. Active Carbon and Diatomite earth will be used for selective removal of metal traces, odors or biological contaminants by adsorption.

Deoptchem  will provide customers with the right solution for their specific needs as well as combine various solutions for effective results.

Odor Control

Deoptchem is a provider of Odor Neutralizers which are basically formulations that are added to the concentrated liquid form to eliminate offensive odors emission.

Solutions for Process Manufacturing Plants and Facilities

Deoptchem offers a wide range of products that enable the control scaling, fouling, corrosion and bio-growth in open or closed recycled-water systems. These products include cooling towers products and closed water loops products such as for boilers, chillers, etc.

Controlling sedimentation by anti-scaling technologies and bio-growth by biocides enables the avoidance of fouling and scaling of piping and equipment in the utility loop as well as enables the avoidance of mechanical damages and additional energy spending resulting in extra operational costs.

Corrosion control via inhibitors allows customers to avoid piping and equipment damage sometimes resulting in operational failure and lack of reliability.

Deoptchem is Suez Water CMS official representative in Israel, one of the world top suppliers of water treatment solutions, providing chemicals as well as the required service package in an uncompromising reliability and efficiency.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Deoptchem owns a declared and certified site by the ministry of environmental services, to remove, handle and treat responsively various industrial wastewater, including hazardous wastewater.