Depotchem operates facilities that provide packaging for liquids and gases as well as third-party logistics services. Trained personnel carry out complete blending and mixing operations of liquids and gases. Its fleet of trucks delivers the products within 24 hours from initial order to final customer.

TPL Services

Hazardous Chemicals Storage

Depotchem spacious storage facility is specially designed to handle and store hazardous chemicals of all classes in bulk and packed form. We operate more than 11,000 sqm of warehouses and further open spaces and bulk facilities.

Depotchem is equipped with the right logistics requirements for removal of any dangerous substance directly from the customer site. As part of the pro-bono services Depotchem-Amgal offers, developing consulting services on the proper treatment of dangerous substances on-site or off-site.

Packing and Re-Packing

Depotchem possess the experience and the on-site capabilities required to pack or repack chemicals and dangerous substances in various manners, including tanks, IBC containers and small packages.

Specialized and Efficient Distribution

With 14 all-purpose trailers, and a fleet of dedicated road tankers, Depotchem-Amgal provides 24/7 distribution services throughout the country.

Formulating, Manufacturing, Packing

Contract and Toll Manufacturing

Customers and manufacturers alike focused on day-to-day business. Frequent requirements of cost effectiveness, reliability and regulations evolution all contribute to the continuous research and development processes.

Depotchem has the ability to identify the right facility for manufacturing a customer's synthesis of chemical products, formulations products or fermentations as well as aiding materials in either continuous, numerous or even a single batch.

Custom Formulation

Depotchem has the experience and the R&D capabilities to develop and manufacture formulation products or intermediate products for the food industry, beverage industry, cosmetics industry and/or API (Active pharmaceutical ingredients) manufacturers.

Depotchem offers years of dedicated and applicable knowledge to the technologies of formulation stabilizing and homogenizing.

Fermentations & Bioconversions

Depotchem develops and manufactures products and raw materials for the food industry, beverage industry, cosmetics industry and/or API (Active pharmaceutical ingredients) manufacturers using fermentation and bioconversion technologies.

Depotchem technical development team will help any client develop a cost effective, reliable and sustainable solution based on their specific needs.

Environmental Services

Package Recycling

We have the expertise to handle hazardous packages responsively – from small packages to road tankers and ISO tankers – we will provide the full service, cleaning and treating its content in compliance to standards, holding all the required certificates.

Road Tank Cleaning

Depotchem road tank cleaning service includes analytical tests to ensure the process was effective and no residue is present. Our geographic location make us a natural choice for getting efficient quality solution.